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March 11, 2015
MGen Walter Holmes.
Former Commander of Allied Command Europe Mobile Force (Land) (AMF(L)) (1999-2002). He will speak on his AMF(L) experiences.

APRIL 8, 2015

Capt (N) Marta Mulkins

L Cdr Marta Mulkins was the first female naval officer to command a Royal Canadian Navy warship, H.M.C.S. KINGSTON. Promoted to Capt(N) in 2013 & appointed a regional captain & presently is in charge of regional operations for the Central Region.

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The Garrison Comunity Council - Building closer connections between
Canadians and members of our Military Community.

A Garrison Community Council is a grass roots, citizen based initiative bringing together
members of the community from business, government, education, service clubs, associations and other interested individuals to build a greater understanding of the Canadian Forces through engagement and participation with the local military community.

Welcome to the Garrison Community Council of London and Region

The Council promotes communication and interface between the Garrison and
the Community in Elgin, Middlesex, Perth and Lambton Counties. The role of the
Garrison within the community, the assistance that the Garrison can offer the
Community and methods of strengthening the Garrison-Community interaction fall
within the ambit of the Garrison Community Council.

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